the world of music bibliography. Index, Contents, and Abstracts vol. 1, 1959–vol. 52, 2010

the world of music Vol. 53(1–3) – 2011

Editor: Max Peter Baumann

• August 2012
• approx. 700 p.
• EUR 78,00
• ISBN 978-3-86135-830-5


• From the Editor

• the world of music—On the History of the Journal

• Contents and Abstracts
(Volumes and Issues in Desceding Chronological Order)

• the world of music bibliography
(In Alphabetical Order by the Authors of Articles)

• Book Reviews
(In Alphabetical Order by Authors of Books Reviewed and Review Authors)

• Recording Reviews (In Alphabetical Order by Review Authors and Titles of Records Reviewed)

• Cumulative Index


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